About Us

Upstream Partners is a specialty advisory firm that helps its clients with their IP needs in all aspects of early stage technology, product development and business creation.

We have been valuing and commercializing technology and intellectual property (IP) for universities, early stage ventures, major corporations to small start-ups, and for independent inventors for over 25 years.

We work in partnership with our clients in a flexible and fully customized approach tailored to the specific client needs and IP opportunity.  We invest ourselves in roles ranging from strategic advisory, portfolio testing, development and valuation to financing, licensing, business creation and litigation support and strategy.

Our Directors have global IP experience in semi-conductors, telecommunications, pharmaceuticals and biologics.  Our Directors integrate the financial, business, legal, and scientific expertise to help maximize the value of your intellectual property. 

We specialize in:

  • Evaluating the commercial potential of emerging technology and research discoveries.
  • Developing and monetizing technology and IP to implement development or litigation strategies.
  • Assisting, and often driving, commercial efforts for licensing or financing technology-based innovations.
  • Managing company and university IP portfolios and strategy.
  • Assuming management roles in early stage ventures to transition companies and technologies to the next level of investment or development.
  • Taking an active investment and development position in selected IP opportunities.

We work with IP owners and universities of all sizes and all stages.  We understand the difficulties that IP owners face and the roadblock situations where the financial analysis is overly complex or the legal and business options are difficult.  Upstream has a versatile team with a strong history of resolving these problems for clients.  We offer a range of services to help IP owners and universities solve these problems.  For more on these services, see what we do.

We understand early stage technology and are passionate about bringing innovations to the market to improve and impact lives.

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