What We Do: IP Enforcement and Support

Revenue generated through the monetization of intellectual property (IP) is one of the most significant and fastest growing sources of earnings today.  The value associated with patents is directly related to the profits generated by products that are infringing the patents.

The process of evaluating the financial potential of infringed patents involves legal, technical and economic analysis.  Most law firms will evaluate the patent infringement and validity aspects of a patent portfolio, and benefit from assistance in understanding the financial implications of a case.

Recent Supreme Court and Federal Circuit decisions have had a substantial impact on the economics of patent litigation, defining new constraints and guidelines on economic apportionment and financial damages.
Upstream Partners works closely with attorneys and IP owners to develop a complete understanding of the financial impact of patent infringement.

s litigation is being evaluated, Upstream works with attorneys to determine the best targets of litigation, given the complex range of apportionment issues.

Working with litigation counsel, we help determine optimal financial settlement targets for enforcement matters, and in evaluating settlement offers.

Our work with counsel dramatically strengthens the developing financial arguments in negotiations and settlement offers.

By collaborating with counsel and IP owners at the beginning of a patent litigation case, in the early stages of evaluation and strategy development, we can make a real improvement in your financial returns and the speed of your results.  

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