Cases: Strategic Portfolio Development

Asian High Tech Venture

Our consultants are advising a privately held development company with advanced technology in the electronics and power conversion field in their commercial strategy and management of their IP portfolio.

European Medical Device Company

We were engaged by a leading European medical device company, with annual sales in excess of $1B, to develop the strategy and value the assets for a proposed sale or license of a product innovation. We worked closely with the company's business development and financial team to value their technology in several medical fields of use. Our analysis and advice were critical to decision making, pricing strategy and negotiations. The effort culminated in a successful transfer of the business opportunity to the market leader in the device field.

Major Multinational

This project entailed managing the strategic decisions and outside legal counsel for a portfolio of over 60 applications and patents worldwide. The team worked directly with the CEO on strategic value of IP and product development, incorporating best IP practices. Our Director managed the positioning of the portfolio for investment and valuation. The work included strategic direction for large licensing and collaboration efforts between government entities under CRADA relationships as well as corporate to corporate deals. The technologies included a nonlinear algorithm utilized in FDA regulated devices for cardiac and cerebral monitoring and a small biologic molecule related to FPA and its use in reducing and reversing myocardial infarctions.

Platform Biotechnology Company

One of our Directors led the development of the IP strategic direction for a platform biotechnology company in the host targets for antiviral space. The opportunity identified over 1200 genes in host cells required for the completion of the viral life cycle but which were not required by the host cells. These represented possible drug targets that were fully evaluated on all scientific, business and legal fronts for successful strategic spin-outs. As part of this project, the Director took on a role as Chief Technology Officer of the company where responsibilities included the identification and building of strategic spin-outs from the platform and related business plan development, corporate formation and fund raising activities.

University Technology Assessment and Management Process

Our consultants engaged in a comprehensive design, development and implementation of a technology assessment and management process for a major University. The first stage of the project involved assessing the university's current capabilities in the technology commercialization space. The process included a full review of the internal capabilities and extensive bench marking of competitors, peers and future peers. Our consultants then provided a complete process from technology identification, assessment, patent analysis, market analysis, budgetary modeling, target makeup of the technology portfolio and strategic direction for implementation. Our involvement in facilitating support from board members, faculty and staff was critical to the success of this undertaking at the University.

Technology Development and Investment Company

Our Consultants manage and direct the development and investment in the SC Technology Advancement Organization (SCTAO) which brings market understanding, design engineering and scientific direction to clinicians' and researchers' innovative concepts. SCTAO advances products to identifiable value points through business, legal and strategic execution, and secure financial exits by creating new ventures or by licensing technology rights to commercial partners. SCTAO has established strong relationships with Universities and development companies throughout the U.S., prototype and commercial product engineering partners, and medical device companies in the U.S. and Europe.

SCTAO has built a strong pipeline of technology with near- and long-term commercial and financial exit potential, and has acquired interests in five medical device technologies, two of which were conceived of at universities in South Carolina and two from private companies in New Mexico/Michigan and Virginia. The Company is currently seeking funding to progress work on its initial projects, expand its presence in early stage technology communities, and develop additional products.