About Us: Why We Formed Upstream

Mark Chandler founded Upstream Partners in 2011 to connect IP owners, financial investors, legal advisors and technology developers and to open the channels of innovation.  After 25 years in intellectual property development and commercialization, Mark has not only developed a strong and collaborative network of experts in these areas but an exceptional ability to address the needs and to facilitate cross-communications between the varying professional groups where divides often stall progress or miss further opportunities.  

Mark was working on develop go/no-go strategies and decision points for several law firms on the East Coast and immediately saw the power of joining strong IP and financial analysis early in IP strategy. The seeds for Upstream came during those earlier meetings and has developed into a successful track record, yielding many benefits for their clients and other legal partners. Mark and his associates bring a quarter century of experience in financing, venture capital, electrical engineering, physics, legal, biological and chemical sciences and business acumen to help IP owners break through roadblocks and unleash the power of their innovations.

The business has been built on delivering valuable advice and exceptional results for our clients. Let Upstream be a source of growth and innovation support for your business or organization.